Water! Water is one of Amsterdam‘s best features, but at the same time a major challenge. In the 17th century a infrastructure plan was developed which until today relies on canals and bridges. Bridges are usually complex structures, in fact, with the simple purpose of connecting two points which are seperated by an insurmountable obstacle. But do we actually pay enough attention to the space we try to cross? What if this space is not just a means to an end...
So...Let‘s get rid of all these opulent structures and massive spans. Let‘s use the space and enliven it!
This concept pays tribute to the space it‘s using, to the architecture and engeneering which are defining it and to the people who are living it up. The canal and the bridge, one as unique as the other, are merging into a shared interface. The entire bridge is based on a modular system of eight different elements. The main difference is their design and shape. Due to each‘s intended size it has a function for a specific level and type of program. 
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