The project is located in the fashion district of Düsseldorf, home and workplace of international brands and designers. The mixed-use complex consists of residential, office, retail and public amenity units. Every floor is divided into three units, each orientated southwards, maximizing daylight and panorama and at the same time facing away from dust and noise of the neighboring highway. Circulation areas are located in the inner and are connected by a tower high atrium. The atrium serves as a natural ventilation system, which takes in fresh air through the facade into the units and then exhausts it with thermal uplift through the atrium.
In addition a “double-skin facade” extends over the entire building and unfolds loggias towards the south. The primary construction jumps up to two meters inwards, so that arising loggias natural shade the building itself. The designed facade pattern varies in size and shape and adapts to the requirements of different room typologies behind. Vertical vegetation stripes between each unit extend the green landscape band of the city into height.
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